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Keysha Koy Whitsel

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About Keysha

  • "Throughout her journey, Keysha has acquired the tools to guide individuals through the process of discovering their true essence and what makes them unique. Life is a symphony, with each of us playing a crucial role in the orchestra that resonates on our planet and beyond. Tuning into the frequency of your divine self can transform your entire life. Keysha is here to accompany you on this transformative journey, illuminating new pathways and dismantling barriers that may have hindered your pursuit of your best life. Together, you can pave the way for a lifetime of abundance, prosperity, and fulfillment. Within each individual lies infinite wisdom and possibility waiting to be unearthed—let Keysha assist you in unlocking this infinite potential."

For over a decade, Keysha has dedicated herself to teaching yoga, leading group classes and providing personalized guidance to individuals seeking to explore its physical dimensions. She holds a firm belief that the practice of yoga offers a pathway to release the stress and tensions stored within the body, thereby allowing our inner radiance to manifest both internally and externally.

Keysha, a certified Vinyasa teacher, brings a wealth of experience cultivated through numerous workshops where she has delved into various yoga disciplines. The term "Vinyasa" itself holds the essence of her teaching philosophy - the harmonious union of breath and movement. She firmly bleieves that our breath patterns mirror our way of life, how we breathe is how we live.

For those seeking a deeper connection with themselves - physically, mentally, and emotionally - Keysha extends an invitation to experience the transformative power of yoga.

Private yoga sessions are tailored to suit your individual needs

Individual and group sessions

In person or online sessions available

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Keysha is the co-host of wandering star podcast. Wandering star is a series of 13 episodes where keysha and hilary go on a journey following the evolution of hilary’s soul as she travels from earth and back to source again and again. to listen to this marvelous, mind-bending, inspiring and possibly even life changing experience, click on the link below!

✨client reviews✨

Keysha is such a Jem!! I loved her building and office space it was warm and cozy. My QHHT session was so healing and cathartic. Keysha is very intuitive and helped me to navigate through a few life issues that provided me with a different perspective that was extremely healing. I am still processing the session and am so thankful for her insights…….

~Deb Reilley


I was blown away first by Keysha and her kindness and ability to make you feel like she has been your "go to" person your whole life! Her guidance and intuition brought my experience to level I did not imagine was possible. I left with so much inner information that I do not know if I ever would have realized had I not been with Keysha. I feel that she gave me the gift of insight and I am looking forward to new possibilities from my inner unlocking!

If you are considering working with her, run, don't walk!

~deb ervin

For anyone considering a session, I would say there is a reason you are, for there is much more to life than the history books. It may be time to expand your thoughts and delve deeper into your own true self. It is like an archeological excavation where your questions are the clues needed to complete the puzzle. It is a very positive experience in every way, and with Keysha’s skillful care, the journey is filled with light and understanding.

~Pat papoutsis

I just got done with my qhht session with Keysha and all I can say is WOW! First of all, she has this amazing energy about her that made me instantly connect with her. She was so welcoming and open, and not once did I feel like I was being judged about anything thing that I was telling her. She is definitely someone that you can trust! Once we started the session itself things definitely came up. Keysha was able to guide me to remember events in a past life that had major connections to now, and answered many of my questions. Not only was she a beautiful guide for this experience, but after the session was over she was able to help me piece things together and allow me see things through a different perspective. Keysha is amazing at what she does and her passion for it definitely shows. If you are looking for a great QHHT Session, look no further. Keysha is the one!

~kiya towles